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New Holiday images donated by Crashdown's Lena! 12/25/2011

New Birthday music choices added. 2/15/2011

Broken links fixed or removed. 11/5/2009

Thanks for your patience as the site upgrades today and may experience some down time. 11/6/07

More new images in the Father's Day section. 6/19/04

New Valenti image in the Father's Day section. 6/18/04
Please help promote with a special banner if you wish. Thanks!

New Father's Day section. 6/17/04
More Father's Day images to come in the next few days (hopefully).

Two new images on the 2nd Season One page. 5/27/04
If you have mailed me since my last update, please don't feel ignored. I have been unexpectedly away from the computer for large periods of time (in part because of my father's illness and recent death). I just can't seem to catch up. Your message is probably still in my in-box. I truly appreciate your patience. All my sites have been neglected, however, I have not given up interest or dedication.