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down in the flames - version pilot

I guess the name 'Down in the Flames' is not the most obvious choice for a Roswell site. In fact, if you don't know the inspiration, it doesn't make much sense at all! The name came from a line in the Tori Amos song 'Not the Red Baron'. You can read the lyrics below and find a link to download a live version of the song.

The sadness/grief in NtRB combined in my head with the crash festival scene in the pilot episode. Max, Michael and Isabel looking on as the crash they assumed killed their parents is reenacted. You know the one. You are right there with them (in the flames). When I look back, I realize this is the scene that completely hooked me on Roswell. From that moment on I was with them on every journey.

crash festival screencap 1 crash festival pic 2

not the red baron image Not the Red Baron
Not Charlie Brown
think I got the message figured
another pilot down
and are their devils with halos
in beautiful capes
taking them into the flames

Not Judy G
Not Jean Jean with a hallowed
I see that screen go
down in the flames
with every step with every beautiful heel

Not the Red Baron I'm sure
Not Charlie's wonderful dog
not anyone I really know
just another pilot down
maybe I'll just sing him a last
little sound many there know some girls
with red ribbons
the prettiest

here.inmyhead.com is a fabulous Tori Amos site which boasts a considerable MP3 archive. Go to the boys for pele page to download a live version of Not the Red Baron. Or you can always go out and buy the album. hehe.

You can also visit my own Tori Amos e-card site!
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